I'm considering gamemastering a campaign of a Warhammer 40k game (Most likely Only War, maybe Dark Heresy), if you're unfamiliar with 40k; it's what I would describe as "fantastic". It's bleak, depressing, and hopeless: You live in an ineffective bureaucracy ruled by a psychic corpse. Space Catholicism is the law of the Imperium, your life means absolutely nothing, and the only way to travel is by passing through space hell. Which sucks. Most things are generally heresy. On top of that there are lots of terrible things in space that want to kill you.

It's great. Read about it.

If you're interested I'll supply you with the proper rule book, and stuff, and I'll help you guys with the rules and how to play, as it happens. Ideally, we'll start within the next week. It will be, of course, fully text, and we'll use Roll20. The first session will probably just be character creation.

Also, you'll probably die, so... Keep that in mind.

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