In a delapidated part of Ironbrook City, where rubble litters the street, and human life is cheap, what was once a steel refinery now houses the infamous underground fighting pit known as the Cage. Dark, hot, and crowded. The scent of sweat, blood, and cheap liquor floats in the air, as men place bets on the lives of others. Cages, from which this place gets it name, are speckled about the floor. Cheering echoes from the catwalk above, and from the ground surrounding the chainlink boxes, as fighters struggle bloodily against one another, inside. On a balcony, connected to what once was an office, sits the self-proclaimed master of games King Ramseus, his brides, and the Cage's humble announcer Stanton Starrilius.

Tournament Zone

Every three months, or until all slots are filled, a tournament is held here. Bets can be placed on fighters in the comments.

There is a 5,000 currency entry fee.

The next tournament is scheduled for June 25th.


The Champion is awarded 25,000 currency.

Second place is awarded 10,000 currency.

Third place is awarded 5,000 currency.


  1. The battle stops when one opponent brings the other below 3,000 health.
  2. Bows, guns, and crossbows are not allowed. Melee weapons are, however.
  3. If a contestant fails to arrive within 3 days of the announcement of their battle, an alternate will be chosen.
  4. A contestant cannot enter an alternate slot, unless all tournament slots are full.


  • Tournament Slot 1
  • Tournament Slot 2
  • Tournament Slot 3
  • Tournament Slot 4
  • Tournament Slot 5
  • Tournament Slot 6
  • Tournament Slot 7
  • Tournament Slot 8
    • Alternate Slot 1
    • Alternate Slot 2

Battle Zone

Bets can be placed on fighters in the comments.

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2

RP Zone

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