Ostholt City is rp zone/area and coastal city located in Central Florida. The city is well known for it's successful aquatic food and its streams of water parks. 

RP Zone

The Gentleman

Excerpt from the Ostholt Daily newspaper.


Early last night police located the body of young Isabelle Jones in a dumpster behind Duke Motel near the intersection of Albert Street and Moonlit Road. Police were led to the location when the motel’s manager, Carl Jaymes, called 911 and claimed a hand was hanging out of the dumpster. Inside the dumpster, police found Isabelle alongside “The Gentleman’s” signature rose with a note apologizing to the family of the victim. Isabelle marks the fourth victim of “The Gentlemen” in the past month and the second this week. All the victims were young woman in their twenties found strangled to death next to the killer’s calling card. “We cannot stress enough how important it is not to travel alone at night.” Warns Officer Lenard of the Ostholt Police Department. “All of these poor woman were alone and believed to be intoxicated. If you want to spend the night out, stick close to friends and avoid secluded areas. That should be a rule for citizens regardless. As we’ve all seen over the past month, there are some twist people out there and they want nothing more than to get you alone.”

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