Hell's Floating Island

Hell's Island is an Rp/Training/Battle and Mission Appliance Center. Here the Most menacle villians are welcome, setting them aside from the mediocre criminals. This floating island is made up of 3 Large Castle like buildings that intertwine through halls. The building was established by some of the most powerful Super Villains as a place to create plans and  to train the next generations of villains. Later it was established as a floating Island as cover from the Heroes. The Island uses advanced technology to create a bubble like cover for them emmiting it from the north and south poles that creates mist. This Island runs hydroelectro power for unlimited energy.

To be accepted or taken seriously here requires a character to have killed a major or core Hero, have destroyed the city in momument of the heroes death, and occupied the rank of Outlaw or greater.

Training Area 

  • Training Slot 1
  • Training Slot 2
  • Training Slot 3
  • Training Slot 4
  • Training Slot 5
  • Training Slot 6 
  • Training Slot 7
  • Training Slot 8
  • Training Slot 9
  • Training Slot 10
  • Training Slot 11
  • Training Slot 12
  • Training Slot 13
  • Training Slot 14
  • Training Slot 15
  • Training Slot 16

Battle Arena

  • Battle Slot 1
  • Battle Slot 2
  • Battle Slot 3
  • Battle Slot 4
  • Battle Slot 5
  • Battle Slot 6
  • Battle Slot 7
  • Battle Slot 8
  • Battle Slot 9
  • Battle Slot 10
  • Battle Slot 11
  • Battle Slot 12
  • Battle Slot 13
  • Battle Slot 14
  • Battle Slot 15
  • Battle Slot 16

RP Station

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