• Legacyhunters

    I finally learned how to add my facebook page onto the wikia, there was an edit button on the right side  of the box that had my name and wikias that i go to

    i also want to say i value this wikia and i hope the members here will continue to use wikia and stay connected

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  • Apex Knight

    The End

    August 29, 2015 by Apex Knight

    As I began to write this blog I would like to apologize for going off on everyone and basically telling the community to go fuck themselves. The pent up frustration that I kept building up inside of me over the last few days had came out and I just couldn't take it anymore. So many things had led up to that moment where I released all of my anger and I just didn't care anymore. Recently I've been notified of this theory known as the butterfly effect, the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. So many factors, so many circumstances, so many components that can be so little yet change the course of our lives forver. …

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  • Apex Knight



    22 Jump Street

    Channing Tatum plays a character in 22 Jump Street

    Channing Tatum also played a character in Magic Mike, a movie about male strippers

    What are strippers paid in?

    $1 Bills

    What is on the back of a $1 dollar bill?

    An eagle

    Eagles are able to fly


    A fly is an insect

    Flies like go eat poop

    Poop is digested food

    The basic food groups are in the Food Pyramid

    You know what else is a pyramid?

    The Illuminati symbol

    Flamedude22 = Illuminati Confirmed

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  • Apex Knight

    Sup my peeps of the HU Universe. Today I bring you this message to talk about the coming revamps of the wiki. Over the next couple of days, some of the wiki's major guidelines and how to's will drastically change in accordance to a new system that we are implementing. For all my users who don't like to read, 90% of the guidelines will be shortened and straight to the point in what they're trying to inform you upon.  Most importantly they will have certain tweaks to them that will balance out a few things, fix certain mistakes, and try to keep things easier to understand. Below is a list of the guidelines that will be included in this reconstructive process.

    • Battle Guidelines
      • I believe this is one of the most crucial revamps that need to take…
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  • Flamedude22

    I'm considering gamemastering a campaign of a Warhammer 40k game (Most likely Only War, maybe Dark Heresy), if you're unfamiliar with 40k; it's what I would describe as "fantastic". It's bleak, depressing, and hopeless: You live in an ineffective bureaucracy ruled by a psychic corpse. Space Catholicism is the law of the Imperium, your life means absolutely nothing, and the only way to travel is by passing through space hell. Which sucks. Most things are generally heresy. On top of that there are lots of terrible things in space that want to kill you.

    It's great. Read about it.

    If you're interested I'll supply you with the proper rule book, and stuff, and I'll help you guys with the rules and how to play, as it happens. Ideally, we'll start w…

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